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I.L.S. Consulting thanks you for your interest and your visit to its website http://www.ilsconsulting.gr, (hereinafter "the Web page" or "Site").

The use of the site is governed by the following terms and conditions of use, as well as relevant legislation. You are kindly requested to read carefully the "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Statement" before using the Website. By starting to access and search the website you accept without any limitation or reservation these terms of use, by which it is hereby governed and Privacy Policy. If you have any disagreement with any of these terms, please exit the site immediately and do not use it.

Any information provided on the Site is only for adults. The website may contain general information on cases of medical interest. The information provided is intended for general information and is in no way can a substitute of the advice of physician or other appropriate health care professional, or a means of diagnosing or treating health problems. You should always contact your physician or a health professional in order to have complete medical information about any medical issue or medication that concerns you or you are being prescribed.

Privacy Policy

The website http://www.ilsconsulting.gr  features embedded code Google Analytics, according to which, during your visit, specific information is stored such as the date of the visit, the time you remained on the site, the place from where your visit took place, and others, always in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Google SA. These elements cannot in any way lead to find user, and their only purpose is to improve the quality and content of our website.

Your personal data is only stored if you voluntarily fill-in respective fields, you may be asked. I.L.S. Consulting will not disclose to third parties, except if relevant provision of the law or the competent authorities require to, personal information relating to you and identifies you, such as your name, date of birth, address or email address, and which may have been sent to you electronically, since the use of these data is limited to the management of any request, submitted on your behalf. These data are kept for statistical purposes, for purposes of the Company and for communication purposes. In any case, under the current legislation (Law 2472/1997 and Law .3471/2006) "On the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data" as applicable, you reserve the right to access, object modification, correction and removal of any your personal information by submitting a simple application to I.L.S. Consulting.

All data are stored on network servers, operating under a high level of security and are protected from inappropriate use and are not accessible to unauthorized persons.

Excluding personal data as  listed above, other information, in any form, any notification to our website, are not treated as confidential and therefore we reserve the right to use, to reproduce, disseminate or transmit it in order to process your request.

Intellectual Property (Copyright)

The entire website content of  http://www.ilsconsulting.gr (texts, images, graphics, leaflets, articles, etc.) are protected by applicable Greek and European Legislation regarding the protection of intellectual property. The Website is an original intellectual creation and ownership of I.L.S. Consulting , on which reserves the copyright, unless otherwise  specified, and may not in any way, wholly or in part or in summary, copying, reproduction, adaptation , translation, adaptation, uttering and otherwise exploit data contained on the Website, such as indicative, and not exclusively for commercial or promotional etc. without the prior written permission of I.L.S. Consulting .

You have free access to this site for you to read, copy, print or use the information given to you solely and strictly for your personal use and without any commercial intent or other use, provided that the elements of the Site and all indications of copyright and other rights will remain unchanged.

All product names appearing in this website, whether or not appearing with the logo or the name accompanied by a trademark symbol are trademarks of I.L.S. Consulting or third party owner. This website may contain or reference patents, proprietary information, technologies, products, procedures or other proprietary rights of I.L.S. Consulting and / or third parties. No license to or right in any such trademarks, patents, technologies, products, procedures whose beneficiary is I.L.S. Consulting or any third party is granted by any manner or is provided to you.

Limitation of Liability

We believe that the information provided is accurate, and audited by the official Medical Director of our company. However, you may find some typographical errors, or content may not be updated at the time of access by the user or has been altered by others without the knowledge of I.L.S. Consulting may lead to inaccuracies. All information provided "as is", without any guarantee by I.L.S. Consulting for the integrity, correctness or accuracy of the information, nor even for any damage due to viruses, derived from the use of the Website or any other website on which it refers. As a visitor / user of this website you agree that your access to the website is at your own risk and you assume all risks that may arise from such access.

I.L.S. Consulting in no event will be liable to the extent that this is possible by law, to any person for any direct or indirect, incidental, consequential or incidental damages, related to information and with in any way use of the Site for reasons not attributable to willful misconduct or gross negligence of I.L.S. Consulting , indicatively and not restrictively, incorrect or inability to use the Website by the user, interruptions of any kind, delays in use or broadcast messages, information, website security, etc. The exclusion of liability of I.L.S. Consulting includes the cause of any losses arising out from the transmission of any virus in the electronic system of the user.

the use of this website is possible only in accordance with these terms and conditions of use. In the event of unauthorized use of this website, you are obliged to compensate I.L.S. Consulting employees, executives and associates for any losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable fees of its legal advisors, that may result from the violation of these terms and conditions of use of this website by you.

Any reference to the website provided by I.L.S. Consulting products / services is not in any manner advice or exhortation or proposal to perform acts or to conclude agreements, nor medical advice or recommendation, nor can it be used in any way as a means of diagnosis or treatment.

Links with other websites

This website may provide access to other websites around the world. Reference to other websites is made to facilitate users.

I.L.S. Consulting assumes no responsibility for the content, availability, operation, reliability and efficiency of these websites. Their contents are not binding in any way I.L.S. Consulting Pharmaceutical SA, and any reference or reference to these websites through this one is not, and under no circumstances should be construed as, approval or recommendation for unqualified use of these websites. Any link does not imply on behalf of I.L.S. Consulting undertaking of any responsibility, either for the content of such websites, or for the policy that they follow on the protection of personal data. Also, I.L.S. Consulting is not responsible for the content of third party sites that may be referred via a link to this website. You may by linked to this website without the consent of I.L.S. Consulting.

Additional Terms and Conditions

If any term of use is judged invalid or unenforceable, it will be deleted and  will be considered as never having been registered and in no way affects the validity, binding effect and enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions of use of the website.

I.L.S. Consulting may at any time and without notice, modify or delete the terms and conditions of use of the Website and its privacy policy. Any such alteration or deletion is valid and binding against users of the website since corresponding changes are made and posted. Please check each time before using the website, when was the last update of the terms of use and privacy policy.

This website may occasionally be not accessible due to upgrading works or mechanical, communications, software or other technical problems, including problems that are due to third parties. I.L.S. Consulting can not predict the inaccessibility periods to this website nor is it possible to know in advance or otherwise control their duration, and for this reason bears no responsibility.

In any case, I.L.S. Consulting is entitled to temporarily or permanently terminate the operation of the Site in whole or in part.


Electronic traces (cookies) are small text files that can be stored on the hard disk of visitors to websites. The information contained in electronic traces make it easier for the user to surf the web and facilitate the proper display of the Web page. You can avoid storing electronic traces on your hard disk by changing the appropriate settings on the browser you have.

It is prohibited to change or alter the security settings and the general format of the Website, and cause any form of interference in the use or the technical specifications of its function. If it is realized that you have been breaking any of these terms, we will take immediate corrective action, including a ban on use of services offered by I.L.S. Consulting, subtraction of any information, data and content, which is served on site by user at any time and without notice. If I.L.S. Consulting suffers any damage or loss, the Company reserves all legal rights and claim for compensation for that damage as a result of user’s liability against I.L.S. Consulting for any damage that may be caused to it and / or any third party as a result of non-compliance with these conditions.

Applicable law - Jurisdiction

Use of this site is governed by Greek law and by these terms of use. Any such dispute resolution in relation to these terms of use shall rest exclusively with the courts of Athens.



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